Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PETA Believes Even Dead Fish Have Rights

Whenever I get up to Seattle, I try and visit Pike Place Market. One of the attractions there is the fish stand, where the workers "throw" salmon to each other to the delight of the crowd.

Well, when a veterinary group wanted to have a demonstration at a convention, PETA yelled that something was fishy. From the story:

In a letter sent to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), PETA says fish are intelligent, sensitive animals. PETA writes: "You should know that people who care about animals are appalled that a veterinary organization, whose purpose is to represent the interests of those whose jobs involve protecting the well-being of animals, would promote an event in which animals are treated so disrespectfully and are handled as if they were toys." PETA says that according to studies, fish not only feel pain, but they learn tasks, have long-term memories and show affection.
The fish are dead! They aren't feeling any pain! And yes, of course the group caved.

I'll believe PETA really believes in animal rights when they start picketing seals.


  1. LOL. What did the veterinary group want to do that had to do with the dead fish? It doesn't make sense.

  2. The vets probably just wanted the demo as entertainment, and the Pike's market guys are hilarious. When I was there they had some hideous looking fish on sale with a "Name it and it's yours!" sign on it.

    And don't get them started on geoducks if there are ladies present.

    Just another example of PETA being a buzzkill to no benefit to anyone but their own egos.

  3. Wesley: "The fish are dead! They aren't feeling any pain!" Sorry, Wesley, I don't think PETA is going to be moved by your salient insight. :D

  4. I wonder where animal rights ends and ethnic rights begins? In my neck of the woods (Houston, TX), there's a very *large* Asian community, complete with an Asian grocery store. At the back are lots of live fish, some catfish that are nearly as long as I am tall (and I'm almost six feet), and they're periodically whipped out and beaten to death when a buyer wants one for dinner for the next few nights. Fresh fish is the best, apparently.

    These people have lived on a steady diet of fresh fish their whole lives, judging from what I understand from talking with some of them (former co-workers). To them, this is normal. And I've heard plenty of people shouting about how minority races are always on the outside and how their cultures should be embraced, to make America a truely multi-cultural country.

    I can't wait for these two ideologies to butt heads.

  5. Folks,

    I hunt and I fish... a lot. I am also support animal welfare. The nut jobs at PeTA and HSUS are nothing more than very dangerous people with dangerous thoughts in the heads.

    PeTA: Cruel to Children
    Where do Donations to the HSUS Go?