Thursday, July 16, 2009

PETA Will Save Beach if Named "Sea Kitten State Park"

PETA is a publicity junky. Whether negative, positive, or just plain loopy, if it will get them in the news, PETA is there.

Latest example, PETA seeks to take advantage of California's financial implosion, in which our state parks might have to close for lack of maintenance funds. From the story:

PETA sent a letter to California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman on Wednesday offering to pay to keep Pescadero State Beach open, but only if it is renamed Sea Kitten State Beach. Pescadero State Beach is among the 219 state parks slated for closure under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to close a $26.3 billion deficit.

The term "sea kitten" is an effort to evoke the same sympathy for fish that people feel for cats and dogs, according to PETA Manager of Campaigns Lindsay Rajt. "Pescadero means 'the place to fish,' so we thought by renaming it 'Sea Kitten State Beach' we could make it the place for fish instead of fishing," she said.
PETA clearly doesn't care about keeping the open space available for the people of California. It is just using our misery to get itself in the news. How compassionate.


  1. They did something like this in Chicago where they offered to pay to fill in potholes as long as they could stencil a slanderous message about KFC on every pothole. Their strategy seems to be to make an offer of financial support with strings attached that assure it will never be accepted. That way PETA gets the publicity but keeps their money.

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    How utterly and profoundly tasteless. To mock such a gallant and creative campaign to save those beautiful living darts of silver by calling his sea kitten Spicy Tuna Roll. He should have had the common decency to call it something more sweet and furry. Like Miss Molly's Gourmet Tuna Steak Feline Food.