Sunday, September 20, 2009

Research on Rats May Result in Paralyzed People Walking

Another example of the need to research on animals. Rats, whose spinal cords had been severed, were able to walk again with the use of an experimental medical procedure. From the story:
Consistent electrical stimulation and drugs enabled the rats to walk on their hind legs on a treadmill -- bearing the full weight of the body -- within a week of being paralysed. With the addition of physical therapy, the rodents were able after several weeks to walk and run without stumbling for up to 30 minutes, reported the study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. Paralysed rats whose spinal cords had been severed from their brains were made to run again using a technique that scientists say can work for people, according to a study released Sunday.
This is an experiment that could not be done on humans because it would paralyze able bodied people. So once again the choice is clear: Use able bodied people, animals, or don't try to develop the technology. The choice is that simple and that stark.

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  1. At some point the surgeries will have to be done on humans... and at this point it will still be "experimental".