Friday, October 16, 2009

HSUS: Preaching That Old Time Animal Rights Religion

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the smartest and richest animal rights group around. Unlike PETA, it doesn't openly proselytize that old animal rights religion, e.g., sentience gives moral value, "a rat, is a pig, is a dog, is a boy," the quote from Ingrid Newkirk and title of a certain author's soon to be published book. This strategy has been very effective, allowing HSUS a level of mainstream respectability that other animal rights groups can't match.

But make no mistake, HSUS is about animal rights--eventually ending all animal husbandry and human hegemony over fauna--and its head, Wayne Pacelle, is a hard core evangelist. He has a piece on Michael Vick today, that, I think, unconsciously reflects the explicit religious nature of animal rights advocacy. It is about fall, repentance, redemption, and altar calls--indeed, it is permeated with a subtle, but distinctly Christian, narrative. From his piece:
A person who committed an awful crime against animals is found out. Prosecutors take the case seriously, and the perpetrator eventually pleads guilty. The judge metes out a stern penalty, given the sentencing guidelines at the time.
Man falls. Of course, Vick acted abominably, but follow me on this. He is convicted of his wrongdoing, confesses, and suffers just punishment. But there is redemption and a public confession of faith:
And then, upon release from prison, the perpetrator comes knocking on the door of the largest animal protection group and says he wants to sign up to do community service for the anti-cruelty team. He makes the pledge public so there is accountability.
You think I am reading too much into this? Then, get the ending:
In a civil society, there must be accountability for grievous actions. But there also must be an embrace of people who are willing and ready to change - even in tough cases, like Michael Vick. We are all sinners when it comes to animals, and we can all do better.
We have all sinned against animals? Substitute God for animals in this piece, and you have a classic Christian message. Yup. animal rights is religion and Wayne Pacelle a high priest of the faith. Hallelujah!

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  1. Oy veh, what is this, a jihad against dictionaries? Like, I can't grok that, man. A word is a word. I think "repentance" and "redemption" are just fine.

    And HSUS... Let's start our own! Humans Supping Upon Sentients, how's that?

    HSUS seems to have gotten a bit better lately. Emphasis on "seems." They're apparently not supporting breed bans any more. Whoopie. They're still not getting any of my $$ - and I'm not turning my back on them!