Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prosecute Animal Rights Pie Thrower to Full Extent of Law

To protest the seal hunt, and animal rights activist put a pie in the face of a Canadian government minister. From the story:
An incident in which the federal fisheries minister was hit with a pie by a seal hunt protester should be seen as a terrorist act, says a Liberal MP. Gerry Byrne made the comment to Newfoundland radio station VOCM after Gail Shea was hit in the face Monday by an American animal-rights activist, unhappy with Canada's seal hunt.

New York City resident Emily McCoy, 37, a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is charged with assault. Byrne told VOCM the government should investigate the incident based on the definition of a terrorist act under the law in Canada. McCoy was arrested after the incident in Burlington, Ont. Shea was not injured, and said she has not changed her support for the hunt. In a statement following the incident, PETA executive vice-president Tracy Reiman said: "A little tofu pie on her face is hardly comparable to the blood on Ms. Shea's hands."
No, this isn't terrorism--although terrorism is engaged in by some animal rights extremists--but it is a violence, literally an assault and battery on a government official. That is dangerous breach of the public peace. And it should mean serious jail for the perpetrator.

Moreover, I am really sick of PETA's and other animal rights extremists' self righteous claims of entitlement to humiliate and threaten people "in the name of those who can't speak for themselves." That is not free speech. It is not "civil disobedience." It is not "Ghandi" or "King." At best, it is tantrum throwing. At worse, a threat to the public peace and civility needed for free societies to function.

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  1. Amen. They are goons. If you look at their history, you'll find that they don't mind hurting and killing animals, if it helps their propaganda.

    I agree that McCoy committed assault, but I can't help wishing she gets convicted of terrorism. That will bring PeTA one step closer to being declared a terrorist organization.

    Looking forward to the book, Ruthie